Создание сайта каталога

Creating a directory site

We can create a website for you with a catalog of goods or services that you can advertise. The development of such a project has the following advantages:

  1. Compared to an online store, it costs less and is created faster. This is the best solution to start your business quickly. In the future, you can change the resource using the online order and payment module, synchronize it with directories in 1C and have a full-fledged online store.
  2. Compared to a regular portal or business card, it provides better specific products. The main focus of such a project is the story of the product, and not about the company. This is especially important for retail.
  3. Flexibility of settings, the ability to quickly manually change product descriptions, their cost, or synchronize the site with other directories so that changes are made automatically.

Work on such a project is carried out in close cooperation with the client. Here it is important to get accurate information about the goods, beautiful photos and descriptions.

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The catalog site and online store are very similar resources, so they are often confused. However, there are significant differences between them. And this must be taken into account when ordering. site development.

A site in directory format is a kind of corporate web resource. Its main characteristics are:

  • availability of product position cards with high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, important characteristics, price;
  • the same pages, but not with the description of each product, but with the products of the entire category.

From such a site, you can purchase any product, but this can only be done after a telephone conversation with a consultant or through a feedback form.

If it is a directory site of the" advanced " type, it provides users with more options: goods can be cataloged by the manufacturer or some of their characteristics, places in the catalog can be filtered and sorted by the necessary criteria. Most often, the developer performs a full search on the site, allowing you to compare two positions that you liked. Samples such as" leader in popularity"," new"," recommended"," related products"," similar products " will be useful. Additional opportunities include the ability to read articles, leave comments, evaluate products.

So what is an online store? Is this not an analogue of a directory site?

An online store is something else. First, it contains a personal account - this page contains your personal data, the history of your orders - completed and current and other information. Payment electronic and / or banking systems are connected to an online store, can be integrated with courier services and transport companies.

Through your personal account you:

  • keep track of discounts;
  • combining processes with the 1C software environment;
  • automation of the circulation of documents confirming the purchase;
  • view personal statistics.

So what to choose: a catalog site or an online store?

There is no clear difference between these two concepts, so you need to act on the concept - Do you need a corporate website or do you need effective e-commerce?

Do you sell a "simple" product with different characteristics (for example, floral compositions of different shades and sizes, sushi or pizza of different brands)? Order site development in the format of an online store-it transfers the formation of the order to the shoulders of the buyer. Is the product as simple as possible, does not have different technical characteristics? You can get through the site-directory.

Implementation period
within 10 days
12 months

An additional tab for posting information about services, delivery or other important content. This will help you answer the buyer's questions and clear his doubts about the purchase. Use it at your own discretion.

You can remove it or return it back by changing one checkbox in the component settings. Very comfortably.

An example of our work

Our advantages

Website support

Website maintenance after development

Server for the site

Your server for better site performance

SEO promotion

Initial SEO optimization


Ability to edit content and options


Site security

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Free setup provides sales from the first day of launch

Answers to popular questions

Will I be able to edit the site myself in the future?

Yes, we can train your employees in all possible content edits on the site. We can also record video tutorials.

What CMS are you using?

We can work with all CMS. For each individual case, we select the best option, depending on the budget and tasks. For example, for a service site, most often, the most optimal solution is WordPress. For an online store - Opencart.

Do you work on a prepaid basis?

Yes, we work with a phased prepayment.

Who will fill the site?

The cost of development includes filling one standard page. If necessary, we can take all the filling ourselves as part of an additional service.

What is the time frame for website development?

It all depends on the size of the site and the complexity of the terms of reference. If you need a landing page, then it may take 2 weeks to develop it, if a multi-page site with complex functionality - several months

Do you have site support in the future?

Yes, you can contact us for any questions after development.

Will the site get positions in Yandex and Google?

The development service includes basic SEO optimization, which will provide the first results. But in cases where the site is young, or the niche is competitive, basic optimization may not be enough, and a deeper study will be needed.


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