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Site advertising it is a set of measures to attract targeted traffic. Often, website advertising refers only to search engine advertising (synonymous with SEO optimization) - a set of activities that are carried out to improve the visibility of a website in search engine results. This is not entirely true, since Search Engine Optimization is only one of the tools for website promotion (albeit the main one).

Site search promotion includes the following steps:

  • site audit - assessment of its current state, development of measures for improvement;
  • development of a semantic core - selection of search queries in the search for which the site should appear, their clustering and splitting into existing and future pages;
  • preparation for promotion - solution of technical problems, completion of the structure, introduction of micro-markup, sometimes re-design;
  • regular creation and placement of optimized and simply useful thematic content - primarily for text, including meta tags;
  • link promotion (link building) - mainly for Google PS.


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How to promote a site

Modern search engines, as a response to any search query, provide hundreds of thousands of links to pages containing content more or less suitable for the query. At the same time, 85% of traffic falls on the top ten sites in search results (the first pages), and about 10% more - on the second. Obviously, all site owners interested in visitors want to get into these Top 10, and even better - the top 3.

Advertising in social networks (SMO, SMM)

SMO (Social Media Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing) -website promotion in social networks and media. This is one of the most important ways to promote.

SMO is a set of activities carried out on the site to attract more links and traffic from social networks. These include: posting social media widgets, Open Graph icon, exporting to feeds, authorization on the site through social networks, comments, etc.

SMM is a set of events in the media and social services that increase website awareness and form a loyal audience around it.

SMM and SMO are closely related. It is possible to practice only SMM or only SMO, but it is more effective to use both methods of advertising together.

Viral marketing

Main articleViral marketing

Viral marketing is one of the types of site promotion (in the general case, product advertising), in which the main information distributors are the users themselves. The epithet "viral" is associated with the speed of information distribution, which is growing exponentially.

The principles of viral marketing are based on the concept of "mouth to mouth": one user sends information to several friends with a link to the source, each of them - to several himself, etc. as a result, thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of unique visitors appear.

The main tool of viral marketing is the creation of interesting, unexpected, creative content, which can interest the maximum number of users in such a way as to force them to share information with others.

The main way to disseminate information when promoting viral advertising is through social networks. In addition, forums and popular blogs can play a role in creating the snowball effect.

Kontextli ad

Основная статья: Kontextli ad

Contextual (contextual banner, display) advertising involves the placement of ads that appear on the pages of search results, Search Engine Services and partner sites. A contextual advertising system displays ads only to the target audience. User interest in the presented page is determined by one of two main mechanisms:

  • analyze page content and display content related ads;
  • analysis of user behavior-the history of its search queries, visited sites, social media accounts, etc. (behavior orientation).

When selling contextual advertising, the site owner pays (often) for the impression of advertising (at a rare time) or for clicking on it. Currently, Runet has two contextual advertising systems - Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords. "Direct" provides more access, but the cost of clicking on it is higher than on Adwords for the same requests.

Targeted advertising

At the moment, almost all major social networks offer advertising services. Payment is made for each impression or passage. The advertiser has the opportunity to select an audience to display ads on dozens of parameters: gender, age, region of residence, language, interests, etc. This is due to the possibility of very accurate targeting, advertising was called "Target".

Content marketing

Content marketing is a set of marketing activities based on the creation and distribution of useful or interesting content for the target audience. It does not promote the site or sell the product directly, but provides information about the market in which the company works, the problem that the product solves, and effective ways to solve this problem. Thus, content marketing works for the popularity of the entire market segment and the reliability of a particular brand.

Integrated advertising

Integrated advertising includes a combination of all or several methods described above for promoting a site on the Internet.

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Answers to popular questions

Will I be able to edit the site myself in the future?

Yes, we can train your employees in all possible content edits on the site. We can also record video tutorials.

What CMS are you using?

We can work with all CMS. For each individual case, we select the best option, depending on the budget and tasks. For example, for a service site, most often, the most optimal solution is WordPress. For an online store - Opencart.

Do you work on a prepaid basis?

Yes, we work with a phased prepayment.

Who will fill the site?

The cost of development includes filling one standard page. If necessary, we can take all the filling ourselves as part of an additional service.

What is the time frame for website development?

It all depends on the size of the site and the complexity of the terms of reference. If you need a landing page, then it may take 2 weeks to develop it, if a multi-page site with complex functionality - several months

Do you have site support in the future?

Yes, you can contact us for any questions after development.

Will the site get positions in Yandex and Google?

The development service includes basic SEO optimization, which will provide the first results. But in cases where the site is young, or the niche is competitive, basic optimization may not be enough, and a deeper study will be needed.

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