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Systematic updating of the website – non-stop business development!

The very fact of the existence of the company's website has already passed the time of manifestation of modernity and respectability. Now the support of the site is one of the main factors affecting its effectiveness. If a web resource does not receive timely, systematic updates and quick technical support, it cannot be successful and profitable at the moment.

We provide technical and software support for projects of any complexity.

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Our advantages

Fast servers

Own servers that increase the loading speed of your site

Unlimited corporate mail

We connect the solution for the unlimited Mail of your site in the domain

Site stability

We ensure the security of the site and a stable update with information

Hosting and domain update

We will make sure that your site in Almaty is deleted, since payment for the domain and hosting is not made

Regular site improvement

We give valuable advice and ideas on how to improve your site.

Own manager

The personal Technical Support Manager is always in touch with you

Our rates:

Price1.200.000 sum1.200.000 sum2.000.000 sum
Information support
Creation and editing of sections (buttons) of the site+++
Placement of advertising banners on the site+++
Placement of text information on the site36 000 characters
~ 10 pages A4
54,000 characters
~ 15 A4 pages
90,000 characters
~ 25 A4 pages
Optimize images and add them to the siteUp to 15 photosUp to 30 photosUp to 80 photos
Adding Video and audio filesUp to 2 filesUp to 4 filesUp to 10 files
Upload videos to YouTubeUp to 2
Up to 4
Up to 10
Data processing from paper or graphic media+
Small changes in site design+
Email help+++
Manager reaction time8 hours6 hours4 hours
Telephone manager advice4 hours a month6 hours a month8 hours a month
Departure of the manager to the client1 time per month2 times a month
Personal manager+++
Tracking and reporting website traffic+++
Visual inspection of the relevance of the site content (campaign conditions, banners, news on the home page)1 time per month2 times a month3 times a month
Technical support
Site backup2 times a month4 times a month6 times a month
Emergency site restoration in case of failureWithin 12 hoursWithin 6 hoursWithin 3 hours
Site health checkEvery 20 minutes.Every 15 minutes.Every 10 minutes.
Troubleshooting on the site+++
Site advice+++
Checking the site for viruses1 time per monthevery 4 daysevery 3 days
Checking the correct display of site pages1 time per month2 times a month2 times a month
Updating the site management system and modules+++
Installation and configuration of additional modules (attendance counters, online chats, etc.).+++
Corporate mail, domain, hosting
Hosting and domain payment control+++
Site name (domain) registration update+++
Negotiations with a hosting provider+++
Ability to host your site on our serverUp to 512 mb.Up to 800 mb.Up to 1024 mb.
Corporate mail administration (creating, deleting, editing mailboxes)+++
 1.000.000 sum. per month when paid for six months1.300.000 soums per month when paid for six months1.700.000 soums per month when paid for six months
 800 000 soums per month when paid annually1.100.000 soums per month when paid annually1.500.000 soums per month when paid annually
For websites developed in our studio*Additional discount
Additional discount
Additional discount
By signing a site support agreement, you will receive a 30% discount on improving any site that is not included in or above the tariff of your choice.
Which sites are suitable for




Night club



Construction company

Corporate site



Fitness club

Event agency

Online store


News site

* the discount is provided no later than 1 month after the Website is developed when the support agreement is signed.

Studio MXMEDIA is ready to offer you favorable conditions for the service of sites for the city of Tashkent and the whole of Uzbekistan. We guarantee not only your mechanical upgrade site, but competent work aimed at reliable operation of all components and quick addition of the necessary information.

Only a complex project maintenance solution can update its content and bring real commercial value. MXMEDIA specialists are ready to take responsibility for solving this problem.

5 steps to effectively support the site

So, to turn your website into an effective marketing tool through professional help and regular updates, you need to follow five simple steps:

  1. Contact MXMEDIA professionals in any way convenient for you and inform them of their intention to cooperate;
  2. Express your wishes to us in terms of the volume and frequency of work aimed at maintaining the site and its technical support;
  3. Choose the most optimal tariff plan for you;
  4. Conclusion of the contract;
  5. Enjoy the result!

Of course, this scheme is somewhat arbitrary. But this clearly expresses the essence: ordering website support services is simple, affordable and effective.

The complexity of the work is the key to successfully maintaining the site

We pay special attention to the fact that the maintenance of the site includes many areas, including its technical support. Cooperation with us will allow your company to have a reliable and trouble-free working resource. The company's price list contains reliable information about prices and the range of goods and services offered. Thematic sections of the site or catalog are filled in with your information in a timely manner and are systematically updated.Often the porches do not make the guests of the portal laugh, who only see congratulations on the New Year, March 8 and several other holidays in the news blocks.

Maintaining sites and updating them regularly is also the main tool by which the algorithms of modern search engines determine the quality of resources and, based on this information, make up the "rating", which determines the position of each website in the search results. search queries. But writing often and beyond the subject is also a bad help. The quality of the content should be impeccable: fully consistent with the topic of the resource (relevant), perfectly literate, interesting for the reader and properly prepared for indexing by search engines. If the content you provide for placement is so, the result of its effectiveness will not be long in coming.

And MXMEDIA specialists are ready to offer you the service of just such a website-effective, versatile and affordable. We will always be glad to see you among the clients of our studio. If you need more information, the company's specialists are ready to answer questions and tell in detail about the advantages and features of cooperation. To do this, contact us in any way convenient for you.

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