Implementation of CRM system

What CRM system can

If managers constantly forget which orders were paid and which were not, do not have time to draw up invoices on time, and take the customer base with them after they leave, the company needs a CRM system. In the article, we will look at how to implement CRM without errors and what to do if the implementation is unsuccessful.


Creating a customer base. 

Managers do not need to manually enter customers into the database, fill in the history of calls and purchases. At the time of making a call, visiting the site or contacting the messenger, CRM creates alerts on the client card, and then adds information: what the client saw, how much he bought, whether he has claims. The phone call record is attached to the card, the name and surname of the responsible manager are indicated.

If you combine CRM with a website and communication channels, customer requests fall into a single system. It will be easier for managers to keep track of applications, process them and not miss anything.

CRM example

Consider the example of the client who called the company again. During the call, the CRM system finds the client in the database and offers the responsible manager to open his card. If the employee is at work, the call will be directed to him. If not, to another free Manager. 

The employee who answered the call will see the history of previous calls on the screen, and he will quickly direct the situation and accept the order. After the end of the conversation, the client card is filled in with a new call record, and the buyer receives an automatic SMS from the CRM system stating that the order has been received and is being formed.

Why introduce a CRM system

CRM is a tool for developing your business. This will help improve a number of important indicators, save the budget and direct it to the expansion of the company.

Sales growth

Since CRM contains complete information about customers, they can be divided into groups, which monitor at what stage of the sales funnel they are, and then enter personalized offers. For those who have already made a purchase, offer mutual sales or high sales, and for those who have just visited the site - a selection of products of the appropriate category, coupons or promotional codes.

Assistance to the Marketing department

CRM keeps track of where the app comes from. This will help the marketing department analyze advertising channels, find effective ones and direct the budget to them.

Using the customer base and procurement history, it can analyze the behavior of marketers, monitor conversion growth or decline, and improve and improve marketing strategy.

Increase customer loyalty

With CRM, it is easier for managers to communicate with customers, since the entire history of calls is in their eyes. The manager knows which products the client prefers, that is, it is easier to resolve a conflict situation during vacation or dismissal, offer additional products or transfer work with the client to another employee.

Managers also receive notifications about missed applications and missed calls, which reduces customer negativity and dissatisfaction due to long-term feedback. 

What other benefits does CRM bring to the company?

The CRM system simplifies routine but important processes by optimizing the time of the manager and employees.

Combined customer base

CRM collects all clients in a single database and standardizes information about them. Any employee of the company can get acquainted with information about buyers. Each manager can be given his own entry level: viewing or changing the card.

Reduced management costs

Managers can hold meetings and meetings to discuss the sales plan, the performance of the department and each manager. This information is easily unloaded by CRM.

Employee time management

The introduction of CRM allows employees to devote less time to ordinary work and more time to sales. The company may even cut or hold employees to reduce employee costs, but will receive more orders.

What to consider when choosing a CRM system

There are many offers on the CRM systems market, among which it is easy to get lost. When choosing a provider, focus on the main criteria that will help you find the right solution for your business.


Some CRM is suitable for several areas: sales department, marketing, customer service. Others are for only one segment of the business.

If the standard functions are not enough or the company is faced with a unique problem, it is worth abandoning the universal version and choosing an industrial one. There are industry-specific CRMs for the service sector, financial and logistics companies, and real estate agencies. For example, a real estate agency should post rental ads directly from the CRM workspace. A universal system will not work here, we need an industry.

Data storage method

With cloud CRM, the sales department will be able to work online through any computer browser. Such CRMs are purchased by subscription, and the basics of data - calls, clients and requests-are stored in the cloud.

Boxed CRMs are installed on managers ' computers and all data is stored on the company's server. Box systems are purchased once, then only point updates and technical support are paid. For cloud CRM, you will have to pay every month. 

Availability of the mobile version

The mobile version is useful if employees are often on the road. This is a convenient option for internet providers, Realtors and medical professionals. Each of the employees can quickly change the order status, receive notifications about transactions or technical data.

Integration options

CRM systems can be integrated with IP telephony, SMS, email services, messengers and social networks. If the company uses several channels to attract customers, it is worth checking with CRM Representatives if the system is integrated with these channels.

If the company uses third-party applications, but wants to abandon them, you should find out if CRM has similar functions and settings.

We understand the importance of integrations with systems that communicate with the main tasks, so the phone "Mango" has more than 150 business applications, including the most popular CRM systems: AmurMM, Bitrix24, COPACKRM. CRM integration with Virtual PBX opens up new growth opportunities for you - it is engaged in analyzing the effectiveness of advertising and sales, working with missed calls, contacting customers.

Data security

Since the CRM system stores information about customers, sales volumes and Company analytics, it is worth understanding what security tools were used in your version. Tools can be as follows:

Login on IP addresses. Employees only access CRM from the company's office mumkin.Ma backup data. The database is stored on several hard drives and does not disappear when technical failures occur.Access restriction. Each manager sees only the information that the administrator allows encrypt the internet connection. Even when accessing the Internet from a working computer, the data is protected from hacking attacks.Distributed base. The manager can only see the cards of the clients with whom he works.

Implementation period
within 10 days
12 months

An additional tab for posting information about services, delivery or other important content. This will help you answer the buyer's questions and clear his doubts about the purchase. Use it at your own discretion.

You can remove it or return it back by changing one checkbox in the component settings. Very comfortably.

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