Создание интернет магазина

We create online stores to achieve goals

Quick connection, integration with 1C, payment acceptance setup, etc.

The development of an online store always depends on user experience and analysis.

The important thing is not the presence of the site, but how consumers and the technical program interact with it.
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All the features available to you after creating an online store

  • Installing CMS
  • Basket and cash register
  • Special products offers
  • Most recent arrivals
  • Product reviews
  • Procedure for re-calling
  • Unique design
  • Mobile Adaptive
  • Secure HTTPS protocol
  • High speed operation
  • Website Control Panel
  • Protection against hacking
  • Banners and graphics
  • Subscribe to news
  • Site Search
  • Feedback Forms
  • Feedback Forms
  • Integration with services
  • Backup
  • Mail for domain
  • Setting up for SEO
  • Filling in data
  • Reliable server
  • Technical support

Online store it is a resource designed to sell goods, products, programs, etc. Creating an online store is a rather complicated procedure. you should not only create it, but also definitely take care that it works and is safe. Therefore, we offer several specialized systems of online stores, which differ significantly from each other in terms of capabilities. The choice is yours.

Online store features

  1. management of an unlimited number of products and categories
  2. the component can be used as a store or simply as a catalog (you can even turn off the price display)
  3. sale of loaded goods
  4. powerful control panel
  5. Import and export of goods through CSV files. //Working with MS Excel is also not difficult, since it is able to save the file in CSV format.
  6. adding images and files to products
  7. adding attributes (e.g. size or color) to the product
  8. managing your customers in customer groups
  9. setting multiple prices for one product depending on the group of buyers
  10. show price with or without taxes (adjustable for each group of buyers)
  11. Store statistics including new customers, new orders, and more.
  12. inventory management
  13. informing buyers when the product is in stock
  14. calculation for different tax zones (City/Region and country/region)
  15. management of carriers and shipping methods
  16. complete order management including Order History, order editing and customer notifications
  17. The main functions of the report: sold goods, monthly and annual income
  18. order status management
  19. buyers can add their shipping address
  20. your customers can easily find products through the search form
  21. your customers will be able to know that the product is available again
  22. buyers can see at what time the product is usually shipped on the details page (with pictures)
  23. buyers can manage their accounts (need to register)
  24. buyer can view all their orders (and order details
  25. Confirmation of the order will be sent by e-mail to the buyer and store owner (can be customized)
  26. management of various currencies, countries and territories
    1. Integration with 1C
    2. User account
    3. SMS notifications
    4. Combining accounts with social networks
    5. Using SSL encryption (128 bit)
    6. fast credit card processing, use Click, Payme, Orange, easy payment systems, Vebmoney va Yandex.Pul va boshqalar
    1. Additional features (this is not included in the price offer)
  27. and others.

Opening an online store can save you a number of problems and at the same time bring many advantages, including:

    • Increase brand confidence. The online store is a kind of representative of the company, convincing users of its seriousness;
    • Modernity. Today, many people prefer comfortable shopping in their homes. By ordering the development of an online store in Almaty, you will meet the requirements of this category of customers;
    • It is not necessary to constantly monitor the trading process. The online store works as an online seller who tells customers about the product, reveals its advantages and at the same time works day and night, and not at the specified hours;
    • Save. More and more business representatives are moving away from the idea of opening an offline store, as it requires additional costs and a lot of documentation. The online store solves this problem.


An additional tab for posting information about services, delivery or other important content. This will help you answer the buyer's questions and clear his doubts about the purchase. Use it at your own discretion.

You can remove it or return it back by changing one checkbox in the component settings. Very comfortably.

An example of our work

Our advantages

Website support

Website maintenance after development

Server for the site

Your server for better site performance

SEO promotion

Initial SEO optimization


Ability to edit content and options


Site security

Kontextli ad

Free setup provides sales from the first day of launch

Answers to popular questions

Will I be able to edit the site myself in the future?

Yes, we can train your employees in all possible content edits on the site. We can also record video tutorials.

What CMS are you using?

We can work with all CMS. For each individual case, we select the best option, depending on the budget and tasks. For example, for a service site, most often, the most optimal solution is WordPress. For an online store - Opencart.

Do you work on a prepaid basis?

Yes, we work with a phased prepayment.

Who will fill the site?

The cost of development includes filling one standard page. If necessary, we can take all the filling ourselves as part of an additional service.

What is the time frame for website development?

It all depends on the size of the site and the complexity of the terms of reference. If you need a landing page, then it may take 2 weeks to develop it, if a multi-page site with complex functionality - several months

Do you have site support in the future?

Yes, you can contact us for any questions after development.

Will the site get positions in Yandex and Google?

The development service includes basic SEO optimization, which will provide the first results. But in cases where the site is young, or the niche is competitive, basic optimization may not be enough, and a deeper study will be needed.


Задача: Переработать дизайн сайта, сделать его более простым и понятным для пользователей, внедрить функционал интернет-магазина. Результат: Обновили дизайн сайта, создали 10 уникальных шаблонов страниц с изменяемыми блоками. Среднее время,...

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