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The optimal solution as a start-up panel is if you do not need to place a large amount of information or active advertising.


Tariff includes

annual maintenance, domain registration, hosting, management system, consulting assistance. In the process of development, you will be able to change the tariff at any time, expanding the capabilities of your site.

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Business card sites - this is one of the simplest and most convenient forms of online information about a company, its services or product.

A site filled with excellent and timely updated content with quality will bring great benefits in creating a positive image of your company, introducing you to its areas of activity and always providing up-to-date information about where and how you can be found.

The format of the site is designed to familiarize yourself with the basic information that you consider most important, so it will take several pages that are not overloaded and easy to read.

One of the features and advantages of a business card site is that it is not intended for any actions of the user, except for obtaining interesting information. By filling the resource with important and valuable information, you solve the main task of marketing communication - to interest and attract the target audience. The simplicity and convenience of editing information on the site without attracting specialists and additional investments are equally important.

Structure of the business card site contains several main sections filled with text and multimedia Information. Their topics will depend entirely on the actions that you want to direct the user - a phone call, studying the list of services, providing prices, contact information, etc.

  1. By default, these are the following sections:
  2. About the company.
  3. Goods / services.
  4. Portfolio.
  5. Contacts.

Such a small size of the pages of your electronic business card simplifies the creation of a site, which allows you to focus more on its convenience – page design, simplicity and ease of use, the availability of information.

Implementation period
from 7 days
12 months

An additional tab for posting information about services, delivery or other important content. This will help you answer the buyer's questions and clear his doubts about the purchase. Use it at your own discretion.

You can remove it or return it back by changing one checkbox in the component settings. Very comfortably.

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Website support

Website maintenance after development

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Your server for better site performance

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Answers to popular questions

Will I be able to edit the site myself in the future?

Yes, we can train your employees in all possible content edits on the site. We can also record video tutorials.

What CMS are you using?

We can work with all CMS. For each individual case, we select the best option, depending on the budget and tasks. For example, for a service site, most often, the most optimal solution is WordPress. For an online store - Opencart.

Do you work on a prepaid basis?

Yes, we work with a phased prepayment.

Who will fill the site?

The cost of development includes filling one standard page. If necessary, we can take all the filling ourselves as part of an additional service.

What is the time frame for website development?

It all depends on the size of the site and the complexity of the terms of reference. If you need a landing page, then it may take 2 weeks to develop it, if a multi-page site with complex functionality - several months

Do you have site support in the future?

Yes, you can contact us for any questions after development.

Will the site get positions in Yandex and Google?

The development service includes basic SEO optimization, which will provide the first results. But in cases where the site is young, or the niche is competitive, basic optimization may not be enough, and a deeper study will be needed.


Диагностический центр «KO’K SAROY N.A.» В нашей команде только лучшие врачи – специалисты различных направлений. После консультации доктор составит индивидуальную схему диагностики и лечения, предложит Вам различные...

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«Tunnel Express»

Сотни довольных клиентов возвращаются в автомойку «Tunnel Express» в Карши, потому что мы оказываем широкий спектр услуг, в которых нуждаются владельцы транспортных средств.

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Вы – наши клиенты. Если вы на нашем сайте, значит появились определенные проблемы. Поработаем! Мы имеем опыт работы в сфере дезинфекции более пяти лет. Сделали некоторые выводы и...

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«Gold Dried Fruits»

ORIENT AGRO EXPORT является предприятием полного цикла. ORIENT AGRO EXPORT делится на предприятия, отвечающие за выращивание плодоовощной продукции, на предприятия, которые осуществляют переработку, сортировку и экспорт...

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HILALE TEXTILES —  это производственный комплекс по разработке и пошиву трикотажных изделий. Наша компания производит одежду по заказу торговых сетей из России, Турции и стран СНГ.

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«Dr. Sertus»

Dr. Sertus – это воплощение надёжного, уверенного доктора, к которому можно обратиться в любое время и получить квалифицированную помощь (c латинского CERTUS – надёжный, несомненный, верный)...

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Bayzelteks – является одним из ведущих фабрик по производству качественной крашенной пряжи в Узбекистане. Мы производим натуральные, синтетические и смесовые пряжи. Производительность крашения составляет 2000 тонн...

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TОО «SMART AND EASY SOLUTIONS» — транспортно-логистическая компания, которая предлагает полный спектр услуг по таможенному оформлению, международной перевозке грузов и складской логистике. Наши специалисты — это...

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Задача: Переработать дизайн, создать полноценный многостраничный сайт Результат: Подобрали наиболее подходящее готовое решение на CMS WordPress, обновили дизайн, создали 7 уникальных шаблонов страниц. Посещаемость сайта из поисковых систем достигла...

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