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We do not draw websites, we expand the business!

We have been developing and maintaining websites for over 7 years. Managed to create more than 124 sites. The competence of our specialists: programmers, designers, layout designers, front and backenders, will help to realize the creation of a site with any desired functionality and a set development time

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About our studio

The main task of our web studio is to create turnkey websites for a variety of business tasks.

  • Improves the company's image;
  • Raises the degree of consumer confidence;
  • Attracts new consumers;

A site is a business card of any enterprise. Therefore, you should create an individual mechanism that will help you establish contact with customers and answer their questions to overcome difficulties. The website is not only a tool for raising sales, it is a full-fledged Internet branch of the company.

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Answers to popular questions

Will I be able to edit the site myself in the future?

Yes, we can train your employees in all possible content edits on the site. We can also record video tutorials.

What CMS are you using?

We can work with all CMS. For each individual case, we select the best option, depending on the budget and tasks. For example, for a service site, most often, the most optimal solution is WordPress. For an online store - Opencart.

Do you work on a prepaid basis?

Yes, we work with a phased prepayment.

Who will fill the site?

The cost of development includes filling one standard page. If necessary, we can take all the filling ourselves as part of an additional service.

What is the time frame for website development?

It all depends on the size of the site and the complexity of the terms of reference. If you need a landing page, then it may take 2 weeks to develop it, if a multi-page site with complex functionality - several months

Do you have site support in the future?

Yes, you can contact us for any questions after development.

Will the site get positions in Yandex and Google?

The development service includes basic SEO optimization, which will provide the first results. But in cases where the site is young, or the niche is competitive, basic optimization may not be enough, and a deeper study will be needed.

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